Providence Baptist Church of Baton Rouge

Providence Baptist Church is a Reformed Baptist Church meeting at the corner of Hooper Rd. and Lovett Rd. in Central at 10:45 am every Sunday, and 6:30 pm every Wednesday.


In a day when most contemporary preaching is topical in nature, we believe bringing back something old resonates into learning the Bible in a new and fresh way. While topical preaching (defined by a preacher picking a topic and finding verses that relate to his topic) can be very helpful, we believe that verse by verse expository preaching is the best way to actually learn what Scripture teaches us. Verse by verse expository preaching always has for its subject matter the very text of Scripture itself, explained and taught in its cultural setting, grammatical context, how it flows in context with the other passages surrounding it and other verses that connect with it as well.


Here at Providence, you will find a congregation that is unified in its desire to be a part of a New Testament Church that is Christ centered in its preaching, sound in its doctrine, reverent in its worship, with a true love for the brethren and a heart for Christ centered discipleship and evangelism. If you desire good old-fashioned, verse by verse preaching that never skips a verse and always points to the Cross, as well as singing time tested traditional hymns of the faith, come by at 11 am on a Sunday and pay us a visit, directions to the church are available on this website as well as previous sermon downloads, God Bless!